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The Aurelia Opportunity Assessment identifies the areas where Aurelia’s on-line sensing technology will make the biggest impact on your machine. The assessment includes the application of unique Aurelia measurements like non-destructive ZD stiffness and ZD stiffness profile measurements, evaluation of inplane TSI data and Machine test data, and Aurelia’s unique property prediction know-how.

Interested? Download the Project Scope


  1. Indicate process areas where paper property improvement or cost savings are available.
  2. Identify trouble spots that limit your paper machine from developing optimal levels of paper property.
  3. Indicate relative end-use performance like corrugated box survival time, medium damage resistance, corrugator runnability and delamination tendency.
  4. Report on the existing property variability (in terms of preferred properties like CD ring crush, CD SCT, Burst, and Concora) and calculate the potential savings of PSM-Q online stiffness sensor is introduced and fully utilised.
  5. Report ZD through-thickness profiles for important grades to shed insight into sheet structure (good for optimising recycled grades containing starch)
  6. Compare important grades on the machine.
  7. Compare your grade performance with international performance.
  8. Provide a detailed report for review.
  9. Identify areas where paper properties may be enhanced.
  10. Identify areas of concern you may need to progress in the future.

All this with Aurelia’s experts available to discuss and explain the results.

The Aurelia assessment protocol provides a valuable and insightful anlysis of your paper machine. Contact us no to order your Opportunity Assessment.

Interested? Download the Project Scope


Download the Sample report and get in contact to discuss how we can start your Opportunity Assessment.

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