Massive Cost Savings

The paper machine has property variation that ranges from 15 – 30% – changing with time. It’s true. Do the stats on your top of reel results and you’ll see that non-basis weight and non-moisture sourced property variation is high. This means that to make sure the worst performing paper works in the market place there is a lot of over-performing paper being made. How much? A LOT!

The PSM-Q gives you all the information, every second of every day. No more guess work. No more forecasting and projecting to make costly changes on your paper machine. The PSM-Q ensures you use the optimum amount of materials to produce the best quality of paper for the least amount of money.

Some paper machines have calculated they can save from $20 to $40 per tonne just by controlling variability and reducing basis weight while maintaining the same minimum paper performance or using less costly raw materials. A large fraction of this variability is slow enough to control on the paper machine now – with the right measurements.

Process Optimisation

The PSM-Q allows optimisation of important machine settings ensuring improved performance from the sheet reel after reel. If you are worried about draw settings, calender pressures, forming settings, rush-drag stability, starch addition, the presence of filler and other important process elements and their effect on paper quality and cost – then the PSM-Q provides an easy and powerful solution.

The PSM-Q gives instant feedback when those changes hit the paper machine whether you are at top-of-reel or not.

Optimisation of the paper machine relates to process and cost, but also quality. Optimising a paper machine to deliver cd ring crush is very different to optimising for CD SCT or burst (or two or more together). Aurelia’s analytic understanding of how important properties like ring crush, SCT, burst, concora, tensile and end use performance measures like creep response, medium runnability, delamination, medium md shear and others are developed allow you to re-design your products to suit your markets and beat your competitors.

Property Wheel

top of reel vs. Live

top of reel key

Eliminate Top-of-Reel

The PSM-Q increases confidence in paper quality by reporting important paper properties every second of every reel.

Typically 1% of machine production is rejected or held over because of poor quality. Of the paper initially rejected and re-tested, 50-60% is subsequently judged to be within quality limits. Sometimes the top-of-reel testing lacks accuracy or the tester has chosen an unrepresentative slice of the paper manufactured. To the PSM-Q it is clear whether a reel should be held for poor quality or not.

Some machines will realise a $1 million dollar saving per year by correctly identifying acceptable paper quality.

Become the Expert

Take advantage of the insights that Aurelia can provide to your paper making operation. Monitor paper quality in real time (at your desk or remotely), decrease variation and save money, minimise reject material and save unnecessary delay and testing costs, understand how properties are developed on your machine and optimise your process elements to efficiently and cost effectively achieve or improve them.

Some machines can save up to $40 per tonne.

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