At Aurelia, we believe that new technology has the potential to transform even the most established of industries.

With our team having over 30 years of industry experience, working both in major manufacturing organisations and in partnership with some of the worlds largest companies, Aurelia’s knowledge and experience is unparalleled in the industry.

We are often asked by our clients how we were able to extract such incredible information – and our response is always the same…

We  generate unique knowledge that leads to unique understanding which leads to technology that saves both time and money. 

We believe that we can help change an Industry that can change the world.

Change the Way You Create

We Believe there are 3 Key Elements to Industry Success…

New Technology

Aurelia Group are measurement developers as well, but all our developments are aimed at making it easier for our customers to solve their problems.

Developing the Future

Whether it’s on-line, continuous stiffness measurement, zd stiffness measurement or corrugated board shear stiffness measurement, Aurelia Group are developing the future.

Proven Methods

Aurelia has developed new knowledge that can be applied to your paper and paper packaging problems. Fast and direct, these techniques open up the potential for optimisation and cost saving.

New Knowledge

Whether it’s new and powerful paper property predictors for paper strength or corrugated shear stiffness or end use performance measures like paper creep response, we utilise our experience with our unique measurement tools and apply it to your problems.

Industry Experience

We believe the biggest challenge facing the paper and corrugated board maker when starting an improvement project is the time and resources needed to make headway.

Paper & Packaging

Our experience with new ways of measuring and understanding the paper machine, corrugator and paper performance are aimed at cutting through the long trial times most businesses have to put up with. Get to the answer quickly. Save time and money.

Have We Met?

Aurelia loves to travel. From Asia, through to Europe and over to the U.S.

In fact, you may have seen us without even realising it. We are pretty stealthy.

If you would like to find out when Aurelia will be visiting your country next, send us an email and get in contact. We look forward to discovering how we can work together and what new technology we can bring to your operation. We believe that new technology is the way forward for the paper industry – and that knowledge is the key. We also believe that knowledge should be shared – and we do that  freely. We look forward to seeing you abroad.

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5 Ways to Optimise Starch Addition and Performance

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Paperclips Blog

This blog is aimed at informing, inspiring and irritating everyone interested in paper performance and non-destructive sensing of paper properties.

Got a topic you’d like to explore?

Let us know, and we can investigate it. We are always looking for new ideas and challenges to help drive the industry forward.

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