Best Bits – How to Minimise Rejects

Best Bits: How to Minimise Rejects This episode of best bits comes from a recent webinar highlighting how you can reduce rejects on the paper machine Your Presenter: Russell Allan Managing Director, Aurelia Group Consulting Editor of the APPITA Journal If on your paper machines, you need to [...]

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The Uncertainty Principle & The Paper Machine

The Uncertainty Principle & the Paper Machine With regard to control of paper performance variability there are three issues that must be confronted: Natural materials are variable (you can’t take all your wood from the north side of the hill). Time lags in the manufacturing process (what you see isn’t what you get) Poor quality [...]

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Time is Money

Time is Money In a previous blog I put the proposition (which everyone should agree with) that one of the major limitations on controlling paper quality on the paper machine was the inability to measure confidently and at a high enough rate to allow decisions to be made on whether a machine adjustment is [...]

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Hammer that Nail

Hammer that Nail Here is an excerpt from an editorial I wrote published in the Appita Journal. The article was about trends in on-line measurement on the paper machine. Here are a few quotes about measurement which I found really thought provoking. If you have a favourite or one of your own it would be [...]

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Transport – a moving feast

Transport – a moving feast Due to this blogs mentioning the importance of medium integrity or md shear performance of the medium and its effect on box performance I have had a number of questions raised about how the effect is seen and how severe it is. As a result I thought I would start [...]

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